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Hello and welcome to my SanDysign website. It was created predominately without the use of canned art or templates. All photographs on this site are exclusively mine.  As a experienced  graphic designer, photographer, videographer and web designer I have the tools necessary to create sites for my clients that are as unique as they are. 

I started working commercially in 1982 in the print field when we were designing business packages with rub on lettering.  Over the years I've seen the industry change tremendously and have worked both in house and freelance, creating for print, web and wear. I have years of experience in design, photography and videography, all of which contribute to creating individualized websites for my clients. I currently work freelance from the comfort of my home office surrounded by my 3 dog office mates.

If you like what you see here and think I may be able to help you, drop me a note below so we may discuss your project .


God bless,


Sandy Kinsman


From 2012

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